From report to reality: taking forwards the findings of the Law Family Commission on Civil Society

How you can help take the recommendations in this from report to reality

While the Commission on Civil Society has come to its end in its current form, the work goes on. Many of its Commissioners, technical panel members and contributors – as well as the team at Pro Bono Economics – are now setting out their plans to take forwards aspects of Unleashing the power of civil society, to take recommendations from report to reality.


Will you play a part in what comes next? There are three things you can do right now.


1. Join the next part of the discussion.

The Commission leaves many threads for organisations to pick up – from funders to policymakers, businesses to umbrella organisations – and PBE is committing to driving forwards progress on a number of them.

The events below are an opportunity to feed in your views on how we make progress with policymakers on the Commission’s recommendations, and how we can support efforts to increase diversity within the sector. Register your interest in attending now:



2. Donate to make the next steps possible.

PBE is a charity just like the organisations that it supports, and we rely on the generosity of individuals and organisations to make possible our work – including this Commission, and its future programme of work turning this report into reality. All donations made to PBE following this event will be doubled, thanks to the Law Family Charitable Foundation who will be matching all funds raised. That means your money will go even further to helping unleash civil society’s potential.


3. Stay in touch.

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Thank you for playing a part in the steps that follow the Law Family Commission on Civil Society