Can community philanthropy help the UK level up?

Rob Williamson

Chief Executive, Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland

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Can community philanthropy help the UK level up?

If the UK is to level up, does philanthropy have a role? Outside challenging ultra-high-net-worth donors and foundations to put place at the heart of their thinking (many do, lots...

Rob Williamson - Chief Executive, Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland

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Nudging generosity or dodging tax? How charity tax breaks improve philanthropy

Questions about democratic equality and accountability are important, and need to be debated. But we also need to understand the role of tax reliefs in relation to the demand-side as...

Beth Breeze - Director, Centre for Philanthropy, University of Kent

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Better data, better giving

We can build a better future for philanthropy and charities by improving transparency about money flows in the sector.

Fran Perrin - Co-founder and Chair, 360Giving

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Research, Respect and Risk: three maxims for doing philanthropy well

In our society of seemingly ever-increasing inequality, for those that want to make a difference now, there is philanthropy.  But what may come as a surprise is that in 15...

Mary Rose Gunn - Founder and Chief Executive, The Fore

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How to do good

One of the questions I’m often asked is how, as a philanthropist, I can be confident that I, and our team, are doing the best we possibly can with our...

Sir Trevor Pears CMG - Executive Chair, The Pears Foundation

The Power of Letting Go: Is Participatory Grantmaking the Future of Philanthropy?

We are living in a time when philanthropy is at a moment of reckoning. Many grantees and social entrepreneurs feel disconnected from and disrespected by the institutions that fund them,...

Ben Wrobel and Meg Massey - Co-authors of Letting Go: How Philanthropists and Impact Investors Can Do The Most Good by Giving Up Control

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Funding for Racial Justice Work: Is it the same old game or could we create some bold new moves?

Two years ago, The Ubele Initiative (TUI), the African Diaspora led organisation which I founded in 2014, had no UK based funding. Our community wealth building agenda was rejected by...

Yvonne Field - Founder and CEO, The Ubele Initiative

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Donor education is the key to the future of Islamic Philanthropy

In 2018, the Muslim Charities Forum (MCF) published a finding on ‘giving’ in the Muslim community, which concluded that £130 million had been donated by British Muslims in just one...

Tufail Hussain - Director, Islamic Relief UK