Social capital: the economy’s rocket fuel

Andy Haldane

Chief Economist, Bank of England

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Social capital: the economy’s rocket fuel

The Covid crisis represents the latest in a long line of moments of economic upheaval in the UK in which social capital has provided important counter-cyclical stability.

Andy Haldane - Chief Economist, Bank of England

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Seizing the moment: why Covid provides a chance for lasting change

Despite its overwhelmingly disastrous impact on our lives, Covid has galvanised campaigning, activism and civic participation. This creates an opportunity for us to reimagine and reshape society for the better....

Kajal Odedra - Executive Director, UK

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Civil society and the generations

The power of civil society rests on the establishment and active management of institutions that help to hold us together. It must evolve as circumstances change and, in the current...

Rt Hon the Lord David Willetts - President, Resolution Foundation

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It’s time to unleash the power of youth

Most young people feel a strong sense of social responsibility and many are already contributing to civil society in a variety of ways. At the same time, the Covid pandemic...

Jason Arthur - Director of Strategy & Innovation, Youth Futures Foundation

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Why we need civil society to stand up and lead

Charities play an essential role in our country and are often the driving force behind positive policy change. But they find themselves too often ignored, unsupported, and misunderstood. Charities need...

Polly Neate CBE - Chief Executive, Shelter

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Unleashing social power

At best civil society builds the relationships, trust, engagement, hope, and momentum that make change possible – what we call ‘social power’. Reform is woven into everything it does. But...

Sue Tibballs OBE - Chief Executive, Sheila McKechnie Foundation