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Double or nothing: Charities may be more than twice as valuable as first thought

How the charity and non-profit sector is undervalued in national accounts, and how it can be improved.

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Closer connections – the social sector’s voice needs to be stronger in government

Our latest blog analysing how the partnership between the government and the social sector can be strengthened by including more civil society representatives on advisory groups.

Nicole Sykes

Understanding the ecosystem: charities and public services

Nicole Sykes, Director of Policy and Communications at PBE, dicusses the fundamental role charities play in providing vital public services.

Charities need to be a vital part of the UK’s productivity drive

Boosting charity productivity is an overlooked opportunity in the campaign to tackle the UK’s productivity problem. Both charities and policymakers have a shared interest in doing so.

Civil society and the social side of levelling up

Levelling up the United Kingdom will require major boosts to physical infrastructure. But any complete attempt to rebalance life outcomes across the country will also have to address a wider...

Devolution looks like it will be the Government’s chosen delivery device for levelling up

How close are the Government to giving people the levelling up that they want?

The second in a blog series about when people want levelling up to happen, as well as what people actually want from it, and who they want to be in...

How long are people prepared to wait for levelling up?

The first in a blog series about when people want levelling up to happen, as well as what people actually want from it, and who they want to be in...

Going the extra mile: How businesses work with the local social sector

Submitted as a part of the Law Family Commission on Civil Society's call for evidence on unleashing civil society's potential.

A New Kind of Village: Reflections on the social challenge of loneliness

People who live alone —think young as well as old— tend to be more social. The problem comes when our actual social network falls short of our ideal social network.

Why we need the ONS to measure the social economy effectively

Research consultant David Ainsworth on the impact that a set of satellite accounts for the voluntary sector would have on the civil society.

Are the devolved nations a model of how to get on with government?

A look at how the relationship between civil society and government differs when comparing Westminster with the devolved administrations.

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What holds civil society back from unleashing its full potential?

We have a lot in store for the coming months, with the first wave of our research on civil society and levelling up, the state of UK philanthropy and civil society data gaps all coming soon. And today we...