Matthew Whittaker

CEO, Pro Bono Economics


Matt joined PBE in November 2019, having spent the previous 11 years at the Resolution Foundation think tank. He joined RF as Senior Economist shortly after its creation, and was instrumental in developing its research output and defining the low-to-middle income group that is the focus of the organisation’s work. He went on to grow RF’s research team considerably, becoming Chief Economist and, from 2015, Deputy Chief Executive.

He is a leading expert on the subject of income inequality, and has worked across a number of areas related to UK living standards. His extensive body of written work and regular media contributions have covered the labour market, the tax and benefit system, housing, consumer debt, public finances, and the macroeconomy.

Prior to joining RF, he worked for five years in the House of Commons Library, where he provided economic and statistical advice to individual MPs and to a number of select committees. He started his career working as an economist at Hurlstons Corporate Consultancy.

In 2009 he received a ‘Mentor of the Year’ award from the National Mentoring Consortium, and he received the Clayton Award in Economics when he graduated from Sheffield University.