Call for evidence: Collaborative working between civil society and the public and private sectors

Help us to spread great ideas and boost the impact of civil society

Effective relationships between civil society, the public sector and business are crucial in building a strong economy and society. We know that sometimes these relationships do not function as well as they should, but we know that there are also numerous examples of people and organisations working collaboratively across sectors to make great things happen.

For example, there is Leeds Health and Care Academy, which offers learning, development and collaborative working for all health and care staff and organisations across the city, or the  VCSE Accord in Greater Manchester, an agreement to establish collaboration between local government, health services and the region’s 17,000 VCSE organisations.

In this call for evidence, the Law Family Commission on Civil Society is seeking examples of the innovative, impactful, and exceptional ways local civil society and the public sector and/or businesses are working together and what difference this has made for your local area.

By providing us with examples, you will be helping us learn from you, and these crucial insights will be shared with others to make a real difference in unleashing the potential of civil society. This is vital to our research, as the evidence submitted throughout this process will not only help shape our thinking but will be used as a way to show others how collaboration can achieve positive change and demonstrate how to achieve similar success.

So, if you work or volunteer for a charity, social enterprise, voluntary or community group, or if you work in a local business, local government, or other parts of the public sector, such as the NHS, we want to hear from you about what you are doing or have done to make a difference to your local area through joint working between sectors.

This call for evidence is open to contribution from all to share their knowledge, experience, and feedback until the end of September 2022