About the Commission

The UK is rightly proud of its civil society. But though we have pride in it and we trust it, the social sector is undervalued and too often overlooked.  Public policy focuses on human, financial and physical capital, and says little about social capital. An undervalued civil society will never be as effective or as strong as it could be. And a strong civil society is needed now more than ever.

The Law Family Commission on Civil Society is an ambitious programme of ground-breaking research into how we can unleash the potential of civil society, to harness and enhance the powerful community bonds that exist in our nation. It will look at how to get all three sectors – public, private and social – firing on all cylinders to build truly inclusive growth. It will provide tangible ideas for policy-makers, companies, philanthropists and social sector organisations to tackle the systemic challenges that are stopping civil society delivering on its potential. To achieve this, it has assembled 17 Commissioners, drawn from business, from public policy, from charity, from philanthropy and from community organising.

The Law Family Commission on Civil Society is created by Pro Bono Economics with the generous support of Andrew Law and the Law Family Charitable Foundation.

Pro Bono Economics

PBE uses economics to support the social sector and to increase wellbeing across the UK. The charity combines project work for individual not-for-profits and social enterprises with policy research that can drive systemic change.

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Law Family Charitable Foundation

The Law Family Charitable Foundation was created in 2011 by Andrew & Zoë Law. It has supported a wide range of charities and charitable initiatives over the years – predominantly in education and health, alongside social mobility and the environment.

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