the full potential of
the UK’s civil society

The Law Family Commission on Civil Society is an ambitious programme of ground-breaking research into how we can unleash the potential of civil society, to harness and enhance the powerful community bonds that exist in our nation.

It will provide tangible ideas for policy-makers, companies, philanthropists and society to tackle the systemic challenges that are stopping civil society delivering on its potential.

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Commission calls for ‘Philanthropy Champion’ within Whitehall to help unlock billions in extra giving

A report that focuses on the benefits of boosting the collaboration between Whitehall and the philanthropy sector.

Small and medium charities spend more than a third of grant income on applications, study finds

Commission calls on funders to fix inefficient application processes

person holding one pile of money that is larger than the other one

Charity sector’s ability to attract talent ‘under threat’ from pay gap

New research reveals significant pay gap for men and more highly qualified workers

Growth plan benefits for wealthiest mean Philanthropy Champion ‘more important than ever’

Commission reiterates call for government to encourage charitable giving

Commission calls on FCA to improve philanthropy advice in financial services sector

New PBE research for the Law Family Commission on Civil Society calls on the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to mandate training on philanthropy for financial advisors and pursue regulation.

Two people shaking hands

Commission calls for changes to how charities engage with policymakers

A new PBE study for the Law Family Commission on Civil Society has made a raft of recommendations on how to enhance the relationships between charities and policymakers.

Charity donations from UK’s richest down 20% despite rising income

The latest study for the Law Family Commission on Civil Society looks at the state of philanthropy in the UK, with a particular focus on giving from the top 1%...

Over 7 in 10 charity leaders fear staff burnout due to ‘perfect storm’ of pressures

Commission finds 60% believe demand on key staff will increase over winter

Voters want levelling up spending decisions made locally

Commission report says community investment is key to success of flagship policy

‘Serious data gap’ holding back charity sector

Commission raises concerns about invisibility of charities in data and calls for cross-sector action

Commission urges Treasury to support social sector in Spending Review

Government encouraged to focus on five key areas, including data and philanthropy

Tory voters in levelling up hotspots want change within 3 years

North East businesses are most generous charity givers outside London

Government faces ‘significant gap’ in its understanding of economy

Business support for small charities a ’rounding error’, averaging just £450

Commission on Civil Society Calls for Evidence

Rachel Reeves MP speech at the launch of the Commission on Civil Society

Oliver Dowden MP speech to the Law Family Commission on Civil Society

Community support falls by third at start of second lockdown

Launch of the Law Family Commission on Civil Society

17 Commissioners assembled to lead new Commission on Civil Society

Announcing the Law Family Commission on Civil Society


Mind the giving gaps: how to improve the power of UK philanthropy

10 December 2021. Join us to learn about the findings of our latest research into philanthropy and take the opportunity to question our expert panel on the challenges and opportunities...

A shared interest: policymakers and civil society

Join the Law Family Commission on Civil Society to reflect on the relationship between government and policymakers and the social sector

Nigel Huddleston and Lord Gus O'Donnell

Lord Gus O’Donnell in conversation with Nigel Huddleston MP

Join Pro Bono Economics for a fireside chat between Lord Gus O'Donnell and Minister for Civil Society, Nigel Huddleston MP.

A problem shared? Developing a cross-sectoral approach to tackling loneliness

30 July 2021. This event explore the role of civil society, businesses and government in addressing the challenges of loneliness.

Closer connections: Lessons from the devolved nations

24 June 2021. Join us for a panel discussion with civil society and policy leaders from the devolved nations to explore how and why the interactions between civil society and...

Another Level: what’s missing from levelling up?

20 April 2021. How the government can ensure the levelling up agenda makes the most difference to people’s lives, and the role civil society has to play in that.

Launch of the Law Family Commission on Civil Society

1 December 2020. Pro Bono Economics’ discussed their ambitions to launch an inclusive and evidence-led inquiry that will generate ideas into how civil society can deliver on its potential in...